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Devoted to Liber XV

To Perfect This Feast: A Performance Commentary on the Gnostic Mass
To Perfect This Feast: The Gnostiic Mass video

LAST UPDATED: 4/11/2014 e.v.

To Perfect This Feast

Revised and expanded, smyth-sewn, third edition


This is the final edition

Deluxe, signed HARDCOVERS also available


Video of a full Gnostic Mass performed at
Swirling Star Lodge December 2013 e.v.

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Six-Part Gnostic Mass Training Video

Aleister Crowley described the Gnostic Mass as the central ritual,
public and private, of the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis)

Download: Mass Missal in PDF

Performance Commentary to Liber XV

Updates and Corrections to Second Edition

Download: Current List of Saints PDF (10/ 12/07 e.v.)

Gnostic Mass performed at Swirling Star Lodge (12/15/13 e.v.)

Dedication Ceremony for a 6-month-old Child

Liber XV Corrected (Text in MS Word)

Book of the Law (Text in MS Word)

Tasty recipe for Cakes of Light

A Word on the Mass Tomb

Deacon Pre-Mass Talk

Liber Oz